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Lice Treatment Colleyville, TXLice have a bad habit of spreading from person to person through unintentional contact. This mostly happens at schools, where children who don’t know any better will share their jackets, baseball caps, hairbrushes, or even a hairpin. The smallest bit of contact between an infected individual who is suffering from an itchy scalp due to lice can begin the parasite spreading to everyone else in the class. To avoid this, seek Lice Treatment in Colleyville, TX.

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How to Inform the School?

Many parents are worried that their child will feel embarrassed should the school discover they have a lice infestation. Due to very strict HIPAA regulations, we are not allowed to identify anyone by name to the school without your express permission. However, we would be more than happy to speak with the school and reveal that we have treated a child within a specific grade level. This is a common courtesy for the school and the other children who may potentially contract the lice infection. The school will then take the necessary steps required to prevent further spreading of the lice and remove any child who may have lice in their hair.


Can I Treat at Home?

The short answer to this particular question is: no. It is highly inadvisable to use over the counter treatments on your scalp or that of your children’s. These products may claim to remove lice completely, but they actually do not. Instead, the solution is loaded with harmful chemicals that may cause rashes and headaches, plus they won’t remove the lice effectively.

Your best, and sometimes only, option is to visit Lice Lifters for an effective treatment. Our Lice Treatment in Colleyville, TX, has been proven to work and will remove 99.9% of all lice on your scalp.


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