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The moment we hear someone near us has lice, that itch begins to creep in. It’s always there. Our scalp, right at the roots, begins to feel creepy-crawly. Don’t let that itch drive you crazy, though. There are surefire options for Mesquite lice treatment. At Lice Lifters, we use non-toxic, safe for everyone treatment methods designed to work quickly!

Safe Place for Kids to Get Lice Treatment

Children are especially afraid of a medical office. They fear needles and unknown medications. At Lice Lifters, we’re parents, too. We’ve dealt with head lice infestations and know the dread most kids feel before the treatment process. Our lice specialists work extensively with kids, so we know a thing or two about making everyone feel safe and comfortable!

Mesquite TX Head Lice Infestation

Your typical head lice infestation begins in a school or office setting — anywhere a large number of people convene. It all starts with a single itch, and from there blossoms into a full-blown infestation, which brings a lot of people to our Dallas head lice treatment center.

You see, head lice transfer by direct contact. If someone scratches their scalp and shakes your hand, you may end up with an itch of your own. Furthermore, children sharing a hat or scarf on the playground is grounds for head lice, too.

Get Rid of Lice Fast In Mesquite TX

At Lice Lifters, we use a proven three-step treatment solution to rid your scalp of head lice.

  • Head Check – We examine the scalp for signs of adult lice and nits.
  • Comb-Out – Proven techniques allow us to remove a vast majority of pesky head lice.
  • All-Natural Killing Agent – Our non-toxic solution kills lice and nits in their tracks!

Getting Rid of Lice is Permanent or Temporary?

Once we complete the in-office procedure, we’ll send you and your children home, where you’ll be provided with further instructions for a follow-up treatment. Follow our directions and you’ll be free of head lice — guaranteed!

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