Facts You Didn’t Know About Lice Removal

Lice Treatment Richardson, TXWe see a lot of the same misconceptions regarding lice removal from our Dallas clients. So we want to take to time to address some of these in this article.

In this article, Lice Lifters shares some facts you didn’t know about lice removal.

OTC Methods Aren’t Always Successful

Aside from the fact many over the counter treatments contain chemicals that can irritate the skin or cause other health issues, they aren’t always successful in taking care of both head lice and nits. Many of our clients try an at-home treatment and see partial success before coming to Lice Lifters to eradicate the rests.

You Can Still Have Lice Even If Your Scalp Doesn’t Itch

From what we’ve seen, only about 50% of people infected with head lice experience any kind of itching on their scalp. That means that an equal amount of people experience no itchiness but still need treatment to eradicate their head lice. So stop by for one of our head checks if you think you or your kids may be dealing with head lice.

Lice Can Only Live on the Human Scalp

Head lice cannot live on your household pets. So don’t worry about your kids getting lice from your dog or cat. They can only receive them from head-to-head contact with another human. That being said, lice can survive temporarily on other surfaces. This is why it’s often wisest not to share hair brushes or hats with other people who may be infected.

Call Lice Lifters to Learn More

At Lice Lifters, we have years of experience handling head lice and successfully administering treatments. Give us a call at 972-805-1308 with whatever questions you may have about our products and services. We offer head checks at our Dallas area location and a range of preventative options in addition to our treatments.

What’s the Difference Between Nit Removal and Lice Removal?

Lice Treatment Wylie, TXOur DFW-area clients are often curious about the difference between head lice removal and nit removal. In this article, Lice Lifters will explain the difference between the two processes and why it’s important to use treatment methods to remove both.

What is Nit Removal?

Nits are the eggs of unhatched head lice. These nits are attacked by a gluey substance to the hair strand making them difficult to remove. Nit removal is not effective is a specialized shampoo alone. In order to free the scalp of nits, it’s necessary to use a nit comb. These combs are specially designed to lift the eggs off the hair, preventing the next head lice outbreak.

What is Lice Removal?

Lice removal, on the other hand, is focused on removing the active head lice from the scalp. These are most often eradicated with a special shampoo or mousse that is formulated to remove all head lice from the individual. Lice Lifters has our own special formula that is free of harsh toxins, smells like mint (which naturally deters head lice), and is proven to remove head lice quickly and efficiently.

Why Do I Need Both?

Simply put, if you just remove the head lice, in a few weeks the nits will hatch and you’ll have to start all over again. The best way to treat head lice is to use treatments for each life stage to ensure that your head lice are gone for good.

Who Can I Call?

If someone in your family has head lice, give Lice Lifters a call at 972-805-1308. We’ll be more than happy to share our current products and services with you. Ask us whatever questions you may have about head lice and their removal, we are happy to answer any and all questions.


Often, the telltale sign that a child has contracted lice is vigorous head-scratching. It’s no wonder that infected kids itch like crazy – head lice bites can be very irritating to the scalp. Should you or your child experience this kind of discomfort, it’s a sign that head lice have taken up residence and multiplied, and it’s best to seek professional treatment immediately before the problem spreads or worsens.

But what if just one of your children is itchy, while the rest of the family seems fine? Or, your school has experienced a lice outbreak, but your children are showing no signs of scratching? While your first instinct may be to heave a sigh of relief that you’ve beat the odds, you’d be wise to proceed with caution.
professional treatment

The fact is that while many people do experience pronounced itchiness and discomfort when infected with lice, others seem relatively unbothered by the presence of these parasites. Some people’s skin is simply more sensitive to lice bites, just as skin irritants like mosquito bites or certain cosmetics can cause varying reactions in individuals.

What’s more, the life cycle of lice play into symptoms and their emergence. A louse has three life stages – egg, nymph, and adult. Once a female louse lays its eggs, or nits, it can take more than a week for them to hatch. The nymph is an immature insect that takes a week to reach adulthood. Once mature, an adult louse can live up to 30 days on a human head with regular feedings of blood – yuck!

All that said – and gross out factor aside – a child can be completely symptom-free for the first week or so of infection. It can be difficult for the untrained eye to even see tiny nits attached to the hair shaft. By the time itching starts, lice are firmly established and reproducing rapidly. 

The earlier you can detect infection and start lice elimination treatment, the faster and more easily the issue can be remedied. If you’re facing risk factors such as an infected family member, friend, or classmate, don’t rely on scratching and itching for diagnosis. Carefully check the roots of your child’s hair for nits and lice, and if you’re uncertain give Lice Lifters DFW a call. A professional head check can give you the peace of mind you need, and if treatment is needed, our natural and nontoxic protocol is 100% safe for your family. At Lice Lifters DFW, we’re here to help – call 972-805-1308 or contact infodfw@licelifters.com.