Head Lice Removal Services Plano TX

Head Lice Removal Services Plano, TX

head lice removal services plano, tx
Head lice are a problem that you, as a parent, would rather not have to deal with, but sometimes you don’t have any choice. They can spread easily, particularly between children, and they are a persistent nuisance until they are dealt with. For professional head lice removal services in Plano, you need the expertise of a head lice clinic. At Lice Lifters of Dallas-Fort Worth, we have been a safe, effective and affordable solution for the annoying problem of head lice for years in the Plano area. Our lice removal experts use the best products for head lice treatment, which enables us to guarantee our results.

Discovering You Have This Problem

As a parent in the Plano area, you have to deal with many issues when it comes to your children’s health and hygiene. If you are lucky, head lice may not come up as an issue. We are not all this fortunate, however, and if you think you may have a problem, you can rest easy in the knowledge that there is a professional solution out there for you and your family.

Common symptoms of a head lice infestation are an itchy, red, irritated scalp. When you see your child scratching their head a lot, this is a warning sign. You may want to part their hair and check for lice. They are typically near the scalp because they feed off blood just under the scalp. You should look for adult lice and their nits. Nits are their eggs, and these can vary in color, but after hatching, they are almost white. They may look like dandruff, but you’ll have a much harder time removing them.

What to Do About Head Lice

You definitely should not use risky over-the-counter products that have toxins that lice have grown immune to and that may have an adverse reaction on your child. For head lice removal services in Plano, our professionals at Lice Lifters of Dallas Fort Worth offer the only solution to this problem that you will ever need. We have helped numerous families and individuals with our completely safe, all-natural and non-toxic head lice treatment products.

Our staff will do a head check and ensure that head lice is the problem. Then we get to work and handle both the lice and the nits, and we accomplish this in a single visit. We also give you important tips and information to reduce the chances of anyone in your household ever getting this problem again. Please contact our head lice salon today, so you and your children are on your way out the door knowing this problem is handled.

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