Lice Removal & Treatment in Celina, TX

Lice Treatment Celina, TXLocated within the two counties of Denton and Collin, the North Texas community of Celina holds a lot of history. Although it is a small town, it is still susceptible to the same problems that are present in larger towns, which can include lice, which is why we offer lice treatment in Celina TX.

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Even though our community is small in Celina, we really must stress it is not immune from pests. It still has the same high school traditions and same histories as some other North Texas towns. This can mean you might be sending your children off to school and they are coming back home with lice.

The Celina lice treatment that works best for families in this area is one that involves going to the Lice Lifters Treatment Center in Frisco. After a treatment, the family must follow up with continued care. Both the treatment and the continued your ensure your community is not one that remains lice-infested.

Happy, Healthy Families in Celina TX

In Celina, families do not have to stay infested with lice. Celina lice treatment can be implemented and sustain a happy, healthy community. From the Frisco treatment center, all the way to the at-home process with an all-natural agent, our lice treatment methods work.

Celina is growing every single day. The population has nearly doubled in size since the year 2000. Today, this means a happy, healthy community is one that grows without lice.

Safe Place for Kids to Get Lice Treatment

Lice can be a big deal if we allow them to be. Once your child comes home with the little pests, they’re often unsure of what exactly is happening. Lice is an entirely new concept to children, and they do not fully understand the treatment process. Thankfully, treatment is readily available. Most parents will turn to their local drugstore for over-the-counter medications, though we urge parents to avoid these methods as they fail to solve the problem. In fact, most are loaded with harsh chemicals that can be dangerous to a child’s scalp. Instead, opt for professional lice treatment in Celina through Lice Lifters Treatment Centers. We use safe, non-toxic treatment solutions to ensure your child is comfortable and lice-free. Our products are made with all-natural ingredients designed to rid the scalp of adult lice and nits with just one treatment — guaranteed!

Head Lice Infestation & Lice Removal

Your common head lice infestation typically begins in the schoolyard or classroom. Most children have no reservations about sharing their clothing, hair products, or toys. These objects, including scarves, hats, and helmets, are perfect carriers of head lice and nits. As they make their way around the class, lice can spread from student to student, eventually making their way throughout the school. In some cases, the school nurse can spot the telltale signs of a head lice infestation. They will then remove the child from the school and send a letter home to the parents detailing the potential outbreak. In most cases, children are not allowed to return to class until treatment is complete.

It’s important to know that head lice are not exclusive to children. Adults can receive head lice from our places of work. Just being close to someone is typically not enough to transfer head lice, but should someone scratch their head and then brush your shoulder, for example, they may transfer lice.

Get Rid of Lice Fast

We all want head lice gone — immediately! Because of this, we often choose the closest treatment options, which are your standard over-the-counter products. We cannot advise against these items enough, though, as they have proven ineffective at killing a lice infestation. Instead, schedule an appointment with Lice Lifters Treatment Centers. Over the years, we have perfected our treatment procedure. Using a three-pronged method, your head lice will be gone quickly.

Our treatment process includes:

  • Head Check – We begin the treatment process with a thorough head check. Our specialists will examine the scalp in search of nits, nymphs, and adult lice. If we find evidence of an infestation, we’ll move forward with step two.
  • Comb-Out – Our meticulous comb-out is designed to remove stubborn nits attached to the hair follicles. This process typically requires an hour to an hour and a half.
  • All-Natural Killing Agent – Lastly, we apply our non-toxic, all-natural killing agent, which is then covered with a shower cap for the full effect.

Getting Rid of Lice Permanently

Lice are more common than we would like to believe. You may not even remember the last time you saw or heard of a lice infestation, however, there are millions of individual cases annually. When we do experience head lice, we all want a permanent solution to the problem.

Lice Lifters Treatment Centers have you covered. Our three-pronged treatment is explicitly designed to remove the head lice from your scalp once and for all. We request that you fully adhere to our directions for guaranteed results. After your first treatment in our office, we’ll send you home with instructions for a follow-up at-home treatment to kill off any newly-hatched eggs. Once these steps are completed, we guarantee you’ll be lice-free for 30 days.

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