Don’t Panic! First Steps After Discovering a Lice Outbreak

Discovering a Lice OutbreakAt one point or another, you’ve likely received a dreaded notice from your child’s school. The note, sent home with your child, indicates an outbreak of lice among the student body. This leaves most people slightly panicked and overly-concerned over every itch they experience. Through proper prevention and treatment, however, additional cases of lice are easily limited. First and foremost, do not panic. Panicking is the surest way to make a mistake and spread lice.

Check Everyone

Your first step after learning about a lice outbreak should be to check over everyone in the household. Yes, this means all children, your husband, and anyone else at risk. It is not necessary to shave the head of your child, though. Some parents go to drastic measures immediately.

All household members should be checked over; anyone with evidence of lice needs to be treated at the same time. If you do not treat everyone at the same time, you risk the infestation spreading or returning to a previously-treated individual.


Despite what many have told you, do not use a combination shampoo/conditioner, or conditioner before administering lice medication. You should also avoid washing your hair for 1-2 days after the medicine is removed. The majority of treatment options will only kill living lice; therefore, re-treatment is required in 7-9 days.

Furthermore, if you spot any lice moving in the hair after 8-12 hours, but they’re moving slowly, do not retreat. The medication may take slightly longer to kill these pests, but it is working. Comb any dead or remaining live lice using a fine-toothed nit comb.

Contact Us

If you suspect lice in your household and require treatment, contact Lice Lifters by calling 972-805-1308. We’ll clear up the outbreak and let you live a more comfortable life. Remember, give us a call today before the lice spread!