Head Lice in Preschoolers: How to Deal With the Problem

Trust in all-natural head lice treatment for you preschooler!
By Jesse Davis at Shutterstock

Head lice are an incredibly common occurrence in the school system. Typically, school-aged children – usually preschoolers – experience head lice. The head lice infestation then spreads to the family at home. It’s a common misconception that only those with dirty hair will receive head lice, though. Anyone can get head lice. For a preschooler, being around so many other children and people each day puts them at greater risk. Though head lice are often little more than a nuisance, you likely want them gone as quickly as possible. It’s time to deal with the lice problem!

What Are Head Lice?

First and foremost, you need to understand what you’re dealing with. Head lice are miniscule bugs, around the size of a seed, and are typically pale and gray, though coloring may vary. Head lice feed on blood taken directly from the scalp and usually live for 1 to 2 days without eating.
To spread, head lice lay their eggs directly on the hair closest to the scalp itself. These eggs are known as nits and are oval and about the size of a thread knot (0.8 mm long and 0.3 mm wide) and often wide or yellow in color. Once the egg hatches, the nit, or eggshell, remains on the hair follicle.

Head Lice Life Cycle

Now, let’s discuss the life cycle of head lice on a preschooler.

  • Nit – An egg or nit will hatch in 6 to 9 days. They are often located within a few millimeters of the scalp and do not survive any further from a food source.
  • Nymph – The nymph is smaller than an adult louse and becomes an actual louse 7 days after hatching.
  • Louse – An adult head lice specimen is known as a louse. An adult louse can lay up to 10 eggs each day and requires 10 to 14 days to reach adulthood from the nit stage.

Head Lice Treatment

Your instinct will be to immediately rush to the nearest supermarket or drugstore for over-the-counter lice treatment medications. Fight that urge, though. These products contain numerous chemicals which may prove harmful to your children. Furthermore, most of today’s head lice have evolved to withstand such pesticides entirely.

Instead, trust in professional head lice treatment. Such a treatment plan will include a thorough head check, then a comprehensive comb-out, and finally the administering of non-toxic head lice treatment solutions. Overall, the appointment should not take long to complete. You’ll go home feeling fresh and clean, and without the pesky symptoms of head lice.

We urge parents to always call Lice Lifters for an all-natural head lice treatment. Our solution is guaranteed to kill head lice and prevent the further spread of a head lice infestation. Give us a call at 972-805-1308. We’ll set up a quick appointment for your children and yourself and rid your scalp of annoying head lice for good. One quick treatment. Done! Guaranteed.