How to Remove Head Lice Properly

The exact number of head lice infestations per year is hard to track. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates around 6 to 12 million cases each year in the country. Most of these cases are among children ages 3 to 11, give or take. These are schoolchildren who share their hair products, including hats, scarfs, and combs. It only takes one misstep to spread head lice through an entire school district. Once you receive that letter, it’s time to act. Here’s how to remove head lice properly.

Know the Facts

Head lice can only crawl; they cannot fly, jump, or hop their way to their next victim. Typically, lice will only survive outside of the head for 24 hours. Furthermore, head lice infestations spread via direct head-to-head contact. You’re more likely to receive head lice from a friend or family member rather than a stranger who came into close contact.

Everyday situations that often lead to lice transfer include:

  • School
  • Sitting in close proximity on public transportation or the couch
  • Sleeping in the same bed
  • Sharing combs, brushes, towels, and other hair products

How to Remove Head Lice

First and foremost, do not rush to the drugstore for a chemical treatment product. These “solutions” are typically harmful and do not help head lice. Instead, they cause adverse side effects, such as rashes. You will want an all-natural treatment, without any insecticides included.

The key to success is a 3-step method: an extensive head check, followed by a thorough comb-out, then the application of an all-natural lice killing agent. When combined, all three steps work in tandem to kill head lice and prevent further spread.

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